Frequent Scanning Service

The strategy conversation and development cycle is all too often carried out at one of those all too infrequent management retreat events. Global Foresight Network offers a Frequent Scanning Service to customers as a powerful enabler for ongoing communication and socialisation of important strategy and change programs through a whole organisation. Our customer-tailored service offering defines the subject themes to …

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Leadership Skills of 21st Century Navigators

A one day program for leaders, managers and business owners. The accelerating pace of change in our borderless world is putting new pressures on leaders. Future success demands that leaders of all kinds think and act differently. We call this leadership capability 21st Century Navigation The Leadership Skills for 21st Century Navigators workshop is a one day program which provides …

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The Principles and Techniques of Strategic Foresight

Planning for the future is challenging at the best of times, but in today’s fast paced and evolving world it is more difficult to build and implement strategy that will successfully position an organisation for turbulent times ahead. Based on strategic foresight thinking, 2 day Principles and Techniques of Strategic Foresight workshop program is specifically designed to provide organisations with …

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Key Note Speakers

If you’re searching for the right catalyst to jolt the hearts and minds of your executives, employees or partners into the knowledge age, look no further. The Global Foresight Network offers a portfolio of dynamic speakers ready to challenge and entertain on a broad range of future and change topics.

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Conference Design and Facilitation

Don’t you wish your next conference or planning session delivered solid outcomes, got every attendee involved and started the next big step forward for your organisation.

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Design considerations in almost biblical times

My adopted homeland of Australia has experienced during the last few years a number of severe and unpleasant environmental events. Fire, flood, storm and pestilence of what one imagines to be of truly biblical proportions have been visited on this vast continent. The terrible inundation of brisbane and an area of Queensland, equivalent in land mass to the size of …

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