Futures Architecture And Strategic Design

Futures architecture defined

Futures architecture is a cohesive and rigorous framework for understanding what the future landscape might look like, how to create value or purpose in that future space and what it will take to get there.

Seeing the future first

Any organisation must change as fast or faster than its environment or it dies. GFN specializes in helping organisations, regions and cities think about what the future might look like. Of the future shapers confronting all of us GFN builds conversations about which ones are important for direction, value creation and new ways of doing things (business models). GFN’s future scans have been heralded in many sectors as providing clear and lucid insights. Above all they sensitize our clients to the weak signals of the future which are already here and help people break free of the patterns of thinking that imprison them in the past

Reinventing strategy

As we move into a networked future many of the old rules for success are being called into question. GFN designs and facilitates powerful conversations about what should be kept and what needs to be reinvented. Our view is that we all need to be very clear about what are the essential elements (the core DNA) that we need to understand if we are to create better futures and stay resilient.

Developing new business models

In almost every sector and every city too many resources are used to create too little value. As a result in our globalised world the search is on for new ways of doing things. Many of these will be enabled by technologies that previously were not available. GFN works closely with its clients to rethink business models and plan the migration process from here to there.

Creating Journeys

All meaningful journeys are planned from the intended destination backwards. Only in that way can we assess the speed at which we need to travel. Great journeys though have many elements. Many of these elements are in our view missing in traditional linear strategic thinking and planning processes. GFN has considerable expertise in building these journey maps.

Design and facilitation mastery

Every situation is different. Every group of people has their own special needs. Therefore in our view deep design of the conversation and change process is essential as is the ability to facilitate in a way that is dynamic and responsive to thinking, learning and conversation. Design and facilitation mastery is what we do best.