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The current focus of the Global Foresight Network is to build a new network of thinkers, designers and specialists who are committed to the transfer from a mechanised and centralised society to a distributed and networked one. By the end of 2013 we intend to have a more formal model in place.


In the course of its history the Global Foresight Network and in a previous incarnation The Foresight Institute of New Zealand, has been built upon a traditional consulting model. In this time when the cost of information transfer has been reduced to almost zero, it makes no sense to create entities that by their very design incur costs. Thus, we are moving from a competitive organisation model to a collaborative network of specialists. Some of these we have clear agreements with, others simply exist to achieve a particular project outcome. The diagram below provides a sense of where our network thinking is currently up to and we would welcome conversations with any and all who think that they might add value.



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