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Symbiosis: It just makes sense to use fewer resources to create more value.

GFN is actively involved in a number of projects with organizations and cities to develop transition strategies towards post carbon economies. In our view to get there any time soon we all have to reduce the resources we use for the value we create by a factor of 4 by 2020 and a factor of 10 by 2030. GFN is currently working in an exciting alliance which is designing and delivering concepts whereby all those involved who participate, by acting in a symbiotic way, can achieve significant shifts in their use of resources for value created. This is consistent with the World Economic Forums closed cycle thinking. One of our partners has a significant role in the development of the processes which underpin that initiative. We have called this alliance SYMNET and we believe that it is creating a world first methodology for such symbiotic processes. A brief overview of SYMNET can be found by following the link.