Liam Egerton

Liam Egerton is a Futures Analyst, specialising in resilience, climate risk and adaptation, and sustainability. He has over 18 years experience in the public, private and NGO sectors, in UK and Australia, in a diverse range of roles in consultancy, public policy, training and social enterprise.
Liam moved to Australia from the UK in 2005 to complete a Masters in Environment at University of Melbourne, an inter-disciplinary program on sustainable development. His research thesis was on managing risk and uncertainty in climate change policy-making.
Following this Liam was a senior policy analyst at the Victorian Government Department of Primary Industries, and Department of Sustainability and Environment, latterly developing a whole-of-government strategic policy framework for climate adaptation based on resilience principles.
Since then Liam was a senior associate at the leading sustainability consultancy Net Balance, developing their portfolio of services on climate risk and adaptation. He developed and led two national conferences on climate risk and resilience, in partnership with 3 Pillars Network.
This partnership continues with the 2011 national food summit on food security, which explores the fundamental challenges to the resilience of our agriculture system. In common with other work at Global Foresight Network, the event uses a strategic foresight frame to build understanding of the challenges of the 21st century and the capabilities and business models Australia’s food system will need to develop.
Liam brings in-depth knowledge of resilience principles, systems-thinking and sustainable design, which underpin the work needed for futures-based strategy and policy.