Mark Fowler

Mark’s passion is ANTICIPATION – a continuous hunt for emerging weak signals of potentially significant change and opportunity, with the intent of informing the design of better futures.

Mark co-founded Global Foresight Network over ten years ago with Mike McAllum and Marianne Bridgart. Over that period, they have designed, tested and renewed a suite of powerful Strategy Foresight research, strategy design and facilitation processes and systems.

Mark works with a broad range of Australasian private and public sector customers. His engagement profile focuses on the facilitation of senior leadership teams to challenge existing thinking patterns, and explore and workshop future strategy choices and options.

From 1983 to 1997 Mark held a number of professional and senior management positions within the IBM Corporation in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong.

Mark is a regular guest speaker at industry conferences, on future and strategy and future related subjects. His most recent research & guest speaker presentation subjects have been:

• How firms use Web 2.0 and Social Media to lower costs, innovate and grow revenue
• Emerging Journeys: Future shapers of the road transport sector (2010-2020)
• Payment pathways: Future shapers of payment services, globally (2011-2016)