Sustainable Food lab

Following a recent Sustainable Food Summit (, where Mike spoke about ‘transition narratives,’ Mike McAllum of GFN has been asked to act as lead designer for Australia 21’s Sustainable Food Lab.

What is the Sustainable Food Lab?

The Sustainable Food Lab is a partnership between 3 Pillars Network and Australia 21. The transformational narrative will form a crucial part of a broader set of narratives being developed by Australia 21 through six action theatres. 3 Pillars Network will act as the secretariat for the Lab.

What will it do?

The Lab will provide a space for diverse stakeholders to work (at speed) on this future narrative and pathway through a common source model.

It will focus on providing both solutions and context for those who understand the need for transformation and rapid transition. Clearly we intend that this will create new connections and learning and drive change in organizations and the larger system.

Of particular interest will the identification of, and action on, key ‘acupuncture points’ within the system that will strengthen resilience and the ability to adapt.

We will also look to draw on the considerable thinking and wisdom about the narrative that already exists both here in Australia and overseas.

In addition, over the next 6 months, we plan to hold a series of focused workshops, offer practical training and facilitate online discussion forums that will feed into the 2012 National Sustainable Food Summit. This will be supported by online resources, research papers and webinars.

We are also in preliminary discussions with several organisations who are interested in creating a new context for their endeavours and we hope to announce a number of projects and partnerships soon.

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