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Sustainable Food lab

Following a recent Sustainable Food Summit (, where Mike spoke about ‘transition narratives,’ Mike McAllum of GFN has been asked to act as lead designer for Australia 21’s Sustainable Food Lab. What is the Sustainable Food Lab? The Sustainable Food Lab is a partnership between 3 Pillars Network and Australia 21. The transformational narrative will form a crucial part of …

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Future of electricity

GFN was recently involved in the a major project with a major utility. This project examined how demand management in electricity might shift between now and 2030 and the implications that such shifts have for the current utility business model. Our work revealed the followinig: current networks are unidirectional and thus are unable to realise the full potential of what …

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New social contracts in cities

Mike has recently given a number of speeches about the future of cities in the developed world. In them, he argues that new transformative social contracts between local governments and their citizens are required. There is a need to move from highly and often costly responses to short term needs to planning and services that use fewer resources to deliver …

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