The big silence

About the time of this last post I decided to do a PhD that critiques the work of Jeremy Rifkin and in particular his work on the Third Industrial Revolution. I chose to do it under the supervision of Sohail Inayatullah a globally renowned futures thinker, philosopher and more recently UNESCO Chair of Future Studies, using macro history as a way of framing and thinking about Rifkin’s work. That work is now completed and under examination – hence the long silence.

In general my view is that there is considerable evidence to support Rifkin’s assertions that the present socio-economic system is in its end phase and that a new collaborative post capitalist system can emerge unless contemporary interests delay its transition to a point where unthinkable environmental effects ( caused by the current system) overwhelm us all – a sort of burning down the house so no one cal live in it philosophy.

As a result there will be a series of articles that emerge from this work that I will alert you all to. In the meantime I will publish a few other thoughts that some how fell by the wayside during this process.

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