Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2016’

The Decentralisation Revolution: Now no-one and everyone can own networking power

Perhaps the line of logic here is a bit complicated but in my view the line of logic will be repeated again and again in the next few years. It goes as follows: When the internet was first developed two important principles were central to its design. The first was that the internet as conceived by Robert E Kahn and …

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Probing Ephemeral Futures: Scenarios as Fashion Design

I was involved in producing the following article after attending the Oxford Forum for the Future 2014 on the intersection of scenarios and design. For those of you of more academic mind – enjoy. For those of you who are not so inclined, basically it suggests that if all that matters is the 24 hour news cycle we must as …

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The big silence

About the time of this last post I decided to do a PhD that critiques the work of Jeremy Rifkin and in particular his work on the Third Industrial Revolution. I chose to do it under the supervision of Sohail Inayatullah a globally renowned futures thinker, philosopher and more recently UNESCO Chair of Future Studies, using macro history as a …

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