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Probing Ephemeral Futures: Scenarios as Fashion Design

I was involved in producing the following article after attending the Oxford Forum for the Future 2014 on the intersection of scenarios and design. For those of you of more academic mind – enjoy. For those of you who are not so inclined, basically it suggests that if all that matters is the 24 hour news cycle we must as …

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Rebuild through redesign

Since the beginning of 2011 most of the Australian state of Queensland, large parts of northern Victoria and the outskirts of the western city of Perth have suffered from severe natural events – flood, cyclone and fire – with disastrous consequences for those involved. During the writing of this essay, severe earthquakes have destroyed much of my childhood home of …

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Designing Better Futures

” In this wonderful book Michael McAllum unerringly follows a path that may lead us all to wiser decisions and more coherent actions than has previously been the case.” Richard Hames Founding Professor Asian Foresight Institute. This is a book about these times of turbulence, uncertainty and rapid change with a difference. it does not fill us with empty utopias …

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Paradigm in Progress

In one of the most profound and thoughtful essays of 2010, Richard Hames explores the dynamics and consequences of the Copenhagen Summit. In it he describes how the desire to act on climate change, while at the same time encouraging conventional growth, sets up system conditions where the need to control emissions simply can’t occur. He then goes on to …

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