Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2011’

Designing Better Futures

” In this wonderful book Michael McAllum unerringly follows a path that may lead us all to wiser decisions and more coherent actions than has previously been the case.” Richard Hames Founding Professor Asian Foresight Institute. This is a book about these times of turbulence, uncertainty and rapid change with a difference. it does not fill us with empty utopias …

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Future of electricity

GFN was recently involved in the a major project with a major utility. This project examined how demand management in electricity might shift between now and 2030 and the implications that such shifts have for the current utility business model. Our work revealed the followinig: current networks are unidirectional and thus are unable to realise the full potential of what …

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A future of bricolage

Could new technologies and different business models combined with a healthy dose of necessity see us run quickly into the age of bricolage? While in literature “bricolage”  means to create a work of art from diverse pieces or forms, in a wider sense it means to create a product or service from whatever is at hand. While bricolage has long …

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Hard questions; no philosophy

For months now we have been treated to a daily diet of ‘wiki leaks.’ In the process how the worlds national power broker’s think has been laid bare for all to see and for the most part found wanting. It has one might add provided a useful page filler for most of the world’s media in the process. Their indignation …

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