Designing Better Futures

” In this wonderful book Michael McAllum unerringly follows a path that may lead us all to wiser decisions and more coherent actions than has previously been the case.”
Richard Hames Founding Professor Asian Foresight Institute.

This is a book about these times of turbulence, uncertainty and rapid change with a difference. it does not fill us with empty utopias not does it give us endless litany of bad news; rather, it challenges us to move towards designing better futures.

Please contact the author to purchase this book as it is now published only in e-copy or print on demand.

Focused on cities and the organizations that inhabit them, it faces head on the many contradictions that we face. it gives us insights into how we can think more intelligently and deeply about the future. Among them, why sustainability is inextricably linked with the real economy, how to ensure the development and deployment of responsible and far reaching technologies and why we should confront the tough questions of equity and access. Finally it provides us with examples of organizations who are successfully navigating the rapids and creating a more sustainable future. This is not a journey where we need to walk alone.

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